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Celebrating A New Beginning: Happy New Year

Here's to 2024!

I've observed that many art journaling friends are opting to select a word for the year. I found this to be a great concept, so I decided on the word ORGANIZE.

According to its formal definition, the verb organize entails arranging, systematizing, or structuring elements in a coherent and harmonious manner. It involves putting things in order, planning, and coordinating various components to achieve a specific goal or purpose. Organization can be applied to different aspects of life, such as physical spaces, tasks, events, or ideas. Concerning physical spaces, organizing may involve arranging items in a neat and efficient way to enhance accessibility and functionality. When applied to tasks or events, organizing encompasses planning and coordinating activities to ensure they proceed smoothly and achieve the desired outcomes. In a broader sense, organizing can also refer to the arrangement of thoughts, information, or systems to facilitate understanding and efficiency. The concept of organization is essential in both personal and professional contexts, as it contributes to increased productivity, clarity, and effectiveness in various areas of life.

Are you still awake after that lengthy, rather dry explanation? There's a lot to unpack there, no pun and all that.

There are abundant resources available on how to achieve organization. My intention is to combine practicality and motivation to successfully accomplish this. By organizing my thoughts and efforts towards living a healthy life, I believe it will also become easier to organize other aspects of my life.

You can follow my journey at #sortingyourlife2024 on my Instagram account @creativedesigns2.0. 2021. I will also be posting updates here.

Word for 2024 Creative Designs by Della

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