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Embracing the Art of Organization and Making Friends with the Word "ORGANIZE"

Messy Art Room

It's week 2 already and I'm starting to make friends with this 2024 word ORGANIZE with its spiky edges.

So far, after some confusion and excessive contemplation, I have concluded that taking action rather than overthinking could be the best initial step.

To kickstart each day, I have started journaling while sipping my morning coffee, jotting down any thoughts that come to mind. This process allows me to transfer ideas from my brain onto paper.

This week I organized my schedule by creating a list of all my appointments and firm commitments.


In addition, I identified four key areas that I wanted to focus on specifically to increase organization and set goals for each one.



·       Continue work on custom scrapbook for client

·       Develop project ideas for an upcoming spring workshop

·       Database work for client

·       Product listings


·       Sewing

·       Stamping


·       Increase steps


·       Take 2 large bags of items to donate

·       Visit antique booth with new items to sell


To help these goals be achieved without distractions, I implemented these organizational techniques.

·       Anything that obstructs progress on the above tasks will be properly organized rather than simply being put aside.

·       Complete a necessary task before indulging in a fun activity.

·       Follow the timeless rule of "one in, one out.” 

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