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Sorting Your Life: Is 2024 the Year to Make Changes?

It is time for me to organize my life. I have a fondness for these charming birdhouses that are slightly askew. However, there are too many things in my life that are slightly askew. I am reminded of the song “Little Boxes” and its satirical take on conventional families and lifestyles.  As someone whose children have grown up and left home, I now have the freedom from some of the conformity that seemed necessary to maintain the activities of a busy family.  Surprisingly, I find myself yearning for a little more organization. The disorderliness of it all is hindering my creative endeavors. And here's a playful question, if thinking outside the box is crucial for creativity, I wonder why I have so many boxes in my house? Perhaps it's remnants from the “Little Boxes” lifestyle that still need to be addressed?

So, here we go, 2024. Let's embark on a new path that I’m sure will still include a few things that are atilt! #sortingmylife2024

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