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Welcome to the Creative Designs by Della Blog​ 
a place for inspiration and sharing creativity

Inspiration and Sharing Creative Ideas

Welcome to the Creative Designs by Della Blog

Handmade cards, scrapbooks, art journals and new creative adventures

I'm Della, the owner of Creative Designs by Della

The name of my company was suggested by a friend years ago when I had just started my business. It sounded a little grand but it's stood the test of time as my creativity has evolved over the years. I started by making custom scrapbooks for friends and then it grew from there. I became interested in different creative pursuits - handmade cards, sourcing delightful art and craft supplies, mixed media, altered journals and recently art and junk journals.

I hope this will be a place where we share ideas, what inspires us and our creative journey.

Mini Scrapbook Card

Handmade Cards

Craft Supplies, Junk Journal Kits

Altered Journals, Gifts

I'd love to know what you're creating. Leave a comment below!

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